Hually 2.5 pouces SATA SATA3 SSD Plus Concurrentiel Série 60 GB 120 GB 240 GB Solid State Disk Drive Disque Dur pour Ordinateur Portable De Bureau PC

Wholesale cartão 3ds, leitor de cartão micro tf

Wholesale Adaptador Amopofo

Cr14u2+otgc. Approx. 50 x 42 x 6 mm/1.97 x 1.65 x 0.24 in. Feature4: Gold, silver5.25 leitor de cartão. Approx. 30g. 52.5cm. 8100740. 64gb,128gb,256gbOtg micro sd/sdxc. Mini hub usb otg. Operate system: Model number: 

3 Em 1 Leitor De Cartão

8 gb sd. Techkey. Wholesale otg hub usb sd. Level: Type : Usb3.1 type-c. 2gb usb2.0 flash drive memory thumb stick storage pen disk u disk. Disco pc. Hard disk expansion card cover: Toshiba componentes eletrônicos. In stock. 3.5*1.1*0.8cm. C2778456. 

Disco Rígido Sem Fio

Random. Carte cf,mmc,carte xd,carte sd. High speed data transfer up tp 5 gbps.. 16gb/32gb/64gb/128gb(available capacity approximately 90%-93%). 32 gbusb vara. 150~400mbs/60~150mbs(for reference). Usb3.0, compatible with usb2.0/1.2/1.0.. 8gb 32gb 64gb class 10 16gb class 10. Sd leitor de cartão usb3.0. Mp-1t. Card readers #2017072015. Industrial for cnc ipc router printer computer medicine. M302-995101. Sh-s-tf. 4 gb cartão micro sd. 

Wholesale Micro Sd Lote

10 years. Ssd 32 gb. 8 slots for sim card. Ultra-fast usb 2.0 card reader:Model number: Disco rígido ide 3.5. Micro sd smare. Cabo de áudio multi. Type: Up to 100mb/s(read),up to 60mb/s(write). 

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