S7E4 Preview: The Main Event! — Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 (Spoilers)

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 just ended so let’s take a closer look at main event that will take place in Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4. Daenerys …


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  1. Jaime has balls of steel .

  2. Dude u got almost everything right.

  3. Bran, now being an uncaring machine, will probably just warg into a dragon and destroy everyone vying for the throne.

  4. please give me the link.
    with no account required

  5. where can i watch and download free

  6. Oleana told Denerys to be a dragon and she was right. Dany understands the urgency. I wonder if Jamie survives this. I liked episode 4 and the battle. thanks.

  7. This guy fucking nailed episode 4

  8. Oh man you totally nailed it. looking forward to your next preview!

  9. Why are the Dothraki " Savages" and the Lannister's aren't?

  10. Hot Pie saved Jamie u fucktard

  11. If Hot Pie was slaughtered by the Nights King …everyone in Westeros would be fucked….mankind will have no more pies to feed there men.and the army of the dead would rule and hot pie would be running the fucking show!!!what a boss

  12. Cersi has Jamey. ….Daenerys has Tyrion.
    It is like putting a general against a diplomat. That's one of the reasons Daenerys is losing….she needs a Jorah type guy advising her. Someone who understands battle tactics.

  13. Basically everyone with a Valyrian steel sword will survive, Jaime included.

  14. Pissed when the episode ended. Quickest hour I can remember. Jamie drowned? Did John bend the knee? Is Drogon hurt bad? Aryas home!! Things are accelerating at a breakneck pace now. The battle was epic. as good as Battle of the Bastards. Is it Sunday yet?

  15. i saw the episode and the predictions are right lol

  16. I was standing up and cheering when the mother of dragons attacked Jamie and his army…. YES!!! I hope Jamie is Dead!
    and I hope that Dany continues to be sucessful….. loved it

  17. You were spot on with everything in this video, but how?!?!? Can you tell me the next NC lottery numbers?

  18. I'll be live podcasting after this episode tonight!

  19. Haha "i think"… you clearly watched the Episode

  20. No dragons die this episode. Just finished watching on fire stick. So tell what will they use to kill the dragons now that Drago destroyed their weapon

  21. This. Fucking. Episode. Fire, literally!

  22. That battle was awesome. Great effects and storyline. Sansa is definitely feeling like she's in bizzaro world, like who are those people?

  23. one. its a ballista not a crossbow. Two. It will be destroyed in this episode. And last but not least YOU JUST WATCHED THE PREWIEW YOU FUCKER.

  24. Jamie tells Cersei to give up because he sees how powerful Danny is. She did this with one Dragon and she has three. Their gold, food and Army is gone. Cersei needs to bend the knee.

  25. yo estuve trabajando en el rodaje de la batalla. I worked in the shooting of the battle

  26. Dickon saves Jamie from a Dothraki rider.

    Brian uses the scorpion to wound Drogon.

    Jamie attempts to kill Daenerys but is almost killed by Drogon.

    Bronn saves Jamie before he is burned alive by Drogon.

    I regret nothing.

  27. I already saw this episode, was awesome, she burned them all!

  28. It's Tyrion saving his brother. His brother will switch sides.

  29. You sound like you havent watched the leaked ep: D

  30. Drogon is an army all by himself.

  31. Talking Thrones: If you are telling the truth that you did not watch the leaked episode then give us the same level of extremely detailed and precise description of episode 05 right here right now! I really and genuinely want to believe you but the only thing i have learned from Little Finger is that I should consider everybody as my friend and … as my enemy !

  32. Honestly i kind of hope Jamie slays a dragon.. think about it Dragonslayer sound much better than Kingslayer

  33. They keep out doing themselves with their fight scenes, some epic programming here folks

  34. I got the full episode in my channel

  35. " Lannisters are winning? Anti Dragon weapon? " — Hahahaha, watch me destroy them all.

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  37. Based on these predictions, I think you worked for Indian Star Network;)

  38. That episode leaked on friday It was epic.. spoil alert: It was jamie and bronn in the water

  39. Not As good a battle as the battle of the bastards

  40. I think it's Jon Snow and Night King doing scuba diving as a team-building exercise.

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